Mar 08, 2012 - Updates and Reminders March 8, 2012:

Updates and Reminders March 8, 2012: 


ENTRY FORM The entry form for the Season Opener is available at the SRL Website.  Go to ‘COMPETITION’ then ‘Event Info’.


LICENSE If possible, get your team’s SRL license applications in before the first race weekend to take advantage of member pricing at the pit gate.

Your ‘SRL License’ hard card will not be mailed, but will be available to be picked up at the SRL Trailer at the March 30, Friday Practice at Stockton.


ENGINE TECH - All cars without an SRL engine and carburetor seal in place will be required to have an engine and carburetor inspection before competing. You may have your engine inspected Friday or Saturday before practice at your first race, first come first served. Engine needs to be cold.


STOCKTON POLICIES - Shorts and open-toed shoes are not allowed in the pit area. No minimum age limit in the Pit Area.  Must be accompanied by a parent at all times and must sign a regular release form and consent form.   

STOCKTON RACE LENGTH - 125 laps no break


STOCKTON SOUND LIMITS - Stockton has imposed very strict sound limits, please be prepared - 95dba sound limit.


TEAM UNIFORMS As the SRL as a group strives and continues to set ourselves apart from other race series, the collective appearance of the SRL is an important element to the continued movement forward of the series, team uniforms (as simple as same colored t-shirts and black jeans) are not mandatory, but highly encouraged for everyone associated with your race team.  Both Fridays and Saturdays.


NAME ON ROCKER PANEL The driver’s last name must be displayed on both sides along or just above the rocker panel below the car number in minimum 5” readable letters per the SRL Rule Book.


FUEL CELL BLADDER - The manufactures date (must be within 7 years) on your fuel cell bladder will be required to be checked at one of the first three races of 2012 (your choice Stockton, Madera or Vegas).  If you do not compete at one of the first three, your bladder will be checked at your first appearance of 2012. 


IMPORTANT - Have two bolts drilled to accommodate a wire seal on your fuel cell “Fill Plate”, so an SRL Official can install an “SRL Wire Seal”, which will eliminate the need for your cell being checked in the future.


CONTINGENCY DECAL PACKS The 2012 Contingency Decal Packages will be handed out at the Friday practice day at Stockton on March 30th.  Note: ALL Contingency Decals must be displayed in the proper location to be awarded any prize money or points for the event.


SPONSOR OR NAME ON UPPER QUARTER PANEL The SRL encourages teams to have something displayed on the upper quarter panels of their racecars.  This gives the series an appearance of professionalism and again sets us apart from the local divisions we race with.  If any team is open to the displaying a series sponsor on their quarter panels, we can supply the decal this again shows we are doing all we can for those who support us. 


SAFETY STANDARDS Be sure all of your Safety Equipment (helmet, suit, belts, HANS, gloves, etc.) is up to date, and up to standards. (See Rule Book)


IGNITION SYSTEMS All Ignition Boxes and wiring must be to the standards of the rulebook and out of reach of the driver. (See Rule Book)


TOP 10 PARKING The top 10 drivers from the final 2011 SRL standings will be parked in order at season opener at Stockton.


FUEL It is each teams own responsibility to have your own supply of “SUNOCO 110 Standard” at each race. The SRL will test your fuel upon request, prior to use. You may pre-order fuel for Stockton by contacting Star Racing, the vendor for Stockton 99 at 916-914-1284.


RV PARKING AT STOCKTON - Overnight RV Parking is allowed at Stockton 99, in the parking lot adjacent to pit area.


STOCKTON 99 EVENT - Host Hotel
Holiday Inn Express LODI
1337 East Kettleman Lane
Lodi, CA  95240
$84 Room Rate
Ask for the special rate for the SRL Group Rate
All rates include Hot Breakfast Bar


DRIVER PROFILE Please check your ‘Driver Profile’ on the SRL website to be sure the information is up to date.   If your profile needs to be updated, or if you do not have already have a ‘Driver Profile’ go to .


SUNOCO DRIVEN CHALLENGE If you haven’t registered for the Sunoco Driven Challenge, please do so at:


SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT YOU - Please make the effort to do business with those companies who have chosen to support SRL teams by way of contingency, series and event sponsorships.  Please give them a return on their investment that they’ve made with you as a competitor of the SRL.  Go to the series website to see the list of SRL sponsors. If nothing else, a simple thank you for their support goes a long way.